My Museum

1) Explaining the forces behind it (2012) [by Fernando Gutiérrez aka "Huanchaco"]
2) Guided visit to the prototype (2012) [by Fernando "Huanchaco" Gutiérrez & Jorge Villacorta]
3) Criticism by an Peruvian art critic (2012) [written by Luis E. Lama]
4) Exhibition at the Cultural Center of the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Peru (2010) [pictures]
5) My statue in the streets of downtown Lima (January 10, 2011) [statue created by Fernando "Huanchaco" Gutiérrez]
6) My statue in the streets of Miraflores (May 12, 2012) [during a night devoted to the arts]
7) The public that visits the prototype of the museum (2012)